Game Modes

Story Mode

In Story Mode you follow a storyline, consisting of many different missions. Failing a mission will reduce your experience and increase the game difficulty by spawning additional zombies. Winning missions awards players with experience.

Recruit Difficulty

This difficulty setting is recommended for new players that still need to figure out some mechanics of the game.

Normal Difficulty

This is the regular difficulty for most games and it is recommended to finish this mode before moving on to higher difficulties.

Hard Difficulty

Insane Difficulty

Nightmare Difficulty

The hardest and most challenging difficulty. More zombies, faster zombies, tougher zombies. This mode only features an Epilogue, that, if finished, will award you with the Battle Buddy SI and a special SI according to the MOS you finished the epilogue with.


Survive for 50mins and make it to the extraction ship. Simple as that.

PMC Survival

Same as regular survival, but in addition to the zombies you will also face off against the PMC. Well trained soldiers that fight against you, and the zombies. At later stages in the game the PMC will field mechanized soldiers, and even tanks to kill you.

Boss Mode

Sand Box

Game Mode Modifiers

Tier 3, Tier 2, Tier 1

Rifle, 1 life, Ammo Shortage

Banana Soldiers, Intense Weather, Unstoppable T1